Amplissima is now Idhammar Amplissima

The well know maintenace system for the energy sector is available for you.


The Idhammar Amplissima system is availabel in Swedish, English and Arab language. The system is suitable both for a single user stand alone solution as well as a networked solution with many cuncurrent users. 

Idhammar Amplissima has web based reporting of disruptions and smartphone enabled work order.

The system ranges from preventive maintenance thru emergancy handling to stock control and purschasing.


For customers with a valid support contract out help desk services is available  over phone, e-mail and web. In most cases we can provide support with remote services.

On site support and training can be provided upon request and proposal.

Our help desk is based in Sweden and United Kingdom.


The Migalon company has been accuired by Bristol, UK, based Idhammar Systems Ltd. all future business, support and contacts are available thru Idhammar Systems Sweden.